Upload your Documentary...
Follow these simple steps to upload your documentary for the 3-minute science competition.
If you need any help, email us at bsamanchester@hotmail.com


1) Create a YouTube account. 
Note you must be 13 or over to create a YouTube account. 
If you are too young, ask an adult (parent or teacher) if they can upload it for you.
  • Click HERE
  • Click on the 'Create Account' button               
  • Fill in your details and click 'Next step'           
2) Upload your documentary.
  • Click 'Upload' on the top of the page             
  • Click 'Select files to upload' and browse for your documentary video on your computer. 
  • Click open. 
  • Put the name of your documentary into the 'title' box.
  • In the 'description' box, paste the following text:
3-Minute Science, 
The Manchester Schools' Science Documentary Competition 2013
  • Set your 'privacy settings' to 'unlisted' and category to 'science and technology'. 
Go to 'advanced settings' and 'untick' allow comments.

3) Finally, when your video has uploaded, copy the link to the video 

  • Paste the link into the form below.
  • Alternatively, you can get your video link by clicking on 'Video Manager', and click 'Edit' next to your video. Copy your video URL into the form below.
4) Complete the rest of the details in the form below and click Submit!