Schools interested in putting forward teams for the competition must apply for a submission pack using the link on the right by 18th October 2013The packs are completely free, and only one pack is needed per school.

We don't need exact details at this stage. Just a rough guess of how many teams the school might put forward.
If you would like to arrange an interview with a STEM ambassador, which can be filmed and included in the documentary, you must return the interview form in the submission pack or use the on-line form (follow link to the right) by 8th November 2013. You'll need to have decided what your documentary will be about to submit the forms.
The closing date for the competition is 11th December 2013. All documentary videos must be uploaded to by then. NOTE Uploaded videos will be placed online and will be viewable by the public.

Follow the link on the right for instructions on how to upload your documentary and submit it to the competition.